This research paper is mainly focused on nursing staffing and the patient outcomes that are achieved from staffing. Staffing trends and styles differ in various healthcare organizations. Staffing plays a very important role in patient outcomes. It seeks to bring out the importance of strategic staffing and put to light all the challenges that might be met in a nursing profession.

Understanding this challenges or shortcomings is key in coming up with recommendations to improve the current status. Patient outcome is also analyzed and viewed in terms of patient safety and quality assurance. Adequately staffed care units can improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction has also been discussed in deep measures to ensure that the patients are well cared for. Three kinds of different models used in nursing have also been discussed. Patient satisfaction is the main thing to focus on if one is running a hospital. There is no point in having a hospital where the morality rates are high.

The patient outcome can be used to measure the performance of a hospital. A hospital that can be described as providing quality care is one that has an excellent patient satisfaction or at least trying to achieve excellence.

The consideration of various quality measures from structural, process, and outcomes have been researched and showing that there is a direct correlation of staffing and patient outcomes.

Strategic leadership plays a vital role in the expectations of the organization and care expectations standards.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2018

Senior Project Advisor

Micheal Barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health Care Administration

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