Humankind has created many, many marvels throughout the decades and centuries that they have inhabited this Earth. Some things have been not so great ideas but then some have changed and shaped the world that we live in today. One of these great marvels that has shaped and formed almost everyone’s entire life is the discovery and application of metal into our society. These metals come from the Earth that is beneath our feet and are made up of some of the same chemicals that everything else that inhabits this Earth is made of, including us. Metals today are used for a wide variety of applications for things like hand tools, kitchen utensils, farm machinery and even military purposes. Most people cannot go a single day without seeing something that is made out of metal; even the phones in your pocket have metal parts in them. The discovery of metal is one of man’s greatest feats and this is still revolutionizing the world we live in today.

There are many types of metals in the world but the one that has the most impact and is growing exponentially in today’s society is titanium. As mentioned before about the phones, titanium parts are starting to be used for phone parts due to its lightweight. Titanium is a lightweight, ductile and very strong metal that comes from the Earth and has many applications in today’s world, but the process of producing titanium is very expensive and tedious. Titanium must first be extracted from the Earth, melted and then produced in a mill to be useful for many different applications that meet customer’s needs. Boeing, which is producing the 787 carrier aircraft is one of these customers that has high demand for titanium. Boeing uses titanium on many different parts of their aircraft like fuselage ribs, interior brackets and even seat tracks to hold all of the seating into place. Before, Boeing can get their hands onto these titanium parts they must be forged or extruded and machined into the exact part they want and must meet all requirements of quality and all requirements of the Aerospace industry. Producing titanium for the Aerospace industry is a very strenuous and important job and every single measure and process is taken with extreme caution before the aircraft is ever released to the skies.

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