Prescription opioids drug abuse and addiction has become one of the United State’s biggest problems today. This epidemic is causing major issues is the lives of many Americans today. Research shows millions are affected by this epidemic each year and numbers are steadily rising. One of the biggest factors behind the rise of prescription opioid addiction and abuse is, the fact that these drugs are perfectly legal to use and easy to get.

I researched online articles and journals to further look into the epidemic. The research shows that this epidemic not only affected adults, but it also affected children as well. Research shows that the bodies of women and men react differently to these opiod drugs, and children’s bodies have a different reaction to these drugs also. Through research I was able to gain knowledge and present what I feel is the best way to deal with the prescription opiod drug abuse and addiction epidemic.

The research was very helpful in showing that prevention is the best way to deal with the prescription opioid abuse. Research that I studied presented ideas of doctors, health care professionals, government agencies, and health care drug manufacturers. With this information I was able to back up my thesis.

After concluding my research and looking at all possible outcomes, I was able to determine that prevention was the best action to battle against the prescription opioid drug abuse and addiction epidemic.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2018

Senior Project Advisor

Micheal Barton

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Agricultural Studies

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