When reading this paper, you will learn about all the hardships and injuries and their effect on the athlete. When I use the term injuries, I am talking about injuries such as shoulder and quad tears, knee tears, broken bones, and concussions. Concussions are not considered to be on the same level as its counterparts, they still carry weight in a conversation. Athletes and parents all around the country are concerned about this matter. I have broken down what the anatomy of the injury. To those who are not familiar with the body, this will help better under what is going on. Then I go on to tell about what happens at the point of impact with the injuries and what is going on through the body. Next, the I discussed what would treatment would be like for the athlete when he is able to. I have given example of different athletes who I researched that had the same injury and what happened with them. To conclude each section, there are paragraphs to inform you what is the possible mindset of the athlete. I also conducted three interviews to enhance the knowledge from a physical standpoint. My three interviews were with a football player who blew out his knee, an athletic trainer, and strength and conditioning coach. All three different viewpoints of injuries and what all they entail.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2018

Senior Project Advisor

Alison Epperson, PhD

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health & Exercise Studies

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