Firearm Education: Teaching the Second Amendment in Kentucky school system grades K through 12



As teachers we must ensure that our students are instructed in American history and the nation's founding documents. If students do not learn and understand these documents and the rights that are contained within them, then their future rights may be taken away from them. American history is filled with examples of people losing their rights through bad laws. Sometimes the local, state, or federal government will use force to get what it wants. Because of the Second Amendment, any individual with arms, any weapon, can defend himself against either a criminal, or a corrupt government official. They do not have to wait for the police to arrive. In today's world, some people may not believe but there was a time when the civilian population had to defend itself against a corrupt organized local government for many weeks and months. Our students must learn this history, so they can pass it on to future generations. This research paper presents examples any teacher could use to teach their students about the history of their Civil Right to keep and bear arms, as laid out in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights. This includes examples of responsible ways of educating our students about guns.

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Spring 2018

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Miguel Gomez PhD

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Educational Studies

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