In order to provide the best learning practices and experiences, it is important to understand parental involvement. Defining parent involvement is important in order for one to understand the complex dynamics of parent involvement. The definition of parent involvement has changed throughout the years. Today, parent involvement is different from parent involvement in the past. There are different models and levels of parent involvement. Parents can be involved in their child’s education in several ways. Parent involvement has both benefits and barriers. In the classroom and outside the classroom, a parent’s role is essential to a child. Parents are able to extend learning at home by using activities that support their child’s educational goals. Learning at home is just as important as learning at school. When parents are involved, the child has behavior and academic positive outcomes. Parent involvement is powerful and should be supported.

Year Manuscript Completed

Winter 2018

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Dr. Vernell Larkin

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Educational Studies

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