This paper goes into focus on the different types of patient safety. I am writing this paper to give viewers a better understanding of the safety and concerns that do appear when a patient is in our care. Patient safety is a training that emphasizes safety in a healthcare setting through reporting, prevention, and reduction, as well as analysis of the medical error that does lead to different adverse effects. The main concern and focus is how we as healthcare workers can make new approaches, as well as trying to limit the amount of errors with paper training.

The concerns on patient safety is a big concern in our world. Throughout the paper I will be discussing the different concerns and how we can better the safety and care of others. In the paper I will be making a list of the top concerns and add a brief description towards the end to explain how we could do a better job as healthcare workers and providers. As the paper continues I will go to explain certain situations could be handled in the best manner. I will go to explain the key word which patient safety is, so the viewers can get a better idea on how it is easy to make an error in safety of a patient whether it being locking a patient bed, going into the wrong room, or prescribing different medications to the wrong patient when in a possible rush (which is dangerous and should never happen).

The goal of this paper is for readers to get better understandings and to watch closely when handling patients. Medical errors happen daily, and it could be easily missed, especially when multiple things are going on at once with the patient. Upping better training for health employees could help the patient errors decrease to better not only the patients but ourselves as well on knowing how we as healthcare providers can limit errors for a healthier and happy patient.

Year Manuscript Completed

Summer 2018

Senior Project Advisor

George Barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health Care Administration

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