The aim of this paper is to inform individuals about the rising issues of Elder abuse. The different types abuse includes mental, physical, emotional and exploitation. Each state has their own regulation surrounding abuse. 1993 All states enacted laws addressing elder abuse. The laws are very diverse with many sections. (Domestic Elder Abuse and the Law

Gerald J. Jogerst, Jeanette M. Daly, Margaret F. Brinig, Jeffrey D. Dawson, Gretchen A. Schmuch, Jerry G. Ingram).

Elder abuse effects many lives across the United States. The lives that it affects are forever changed. Elder abuse is a major concern in healthcare and the United States. This is a major concern because trust and the well-being of individuals health are at risk when abuse happens.

Something that I hope to learn from this project is how to detect abuse. Not all individuals report abuse because of the fear of what the abuser might do. Another thing I hope to learn is the correct way to report abuse in the United States.

Elder abuse has a very large impact on healthcare. Abuse is occurring everywhere in some manner. Once abuse occurs trust is lost in the hope of being safe. Healthcare relies on a certain amount of trust so that individuals can be taken care of in the proper manner.

Individuals that inflict elder abuse has a wide range. It can be a care taker, family member, or Stranger. No matter who is causing the abuse it needs to be dealt with.

This is where people make a home because they no longer can live on their own. Let’s help these elderly individuals stay safe.

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Spring 2019

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