This paper will explore the various types of stress college students face, as well as the psychological, physical, and social effects of these stressors on students. The struggle that students face dealing with an overwhelming amount of stress can be difficult and take a toll on individuals during their collegiate academic career. Coccia, & Darling, (2016) studied how general life, love and social interaction could cause stress on college students. College students deal with stress in different, personal ways, and many studies have considered the individual coping methods used by students. Self-medication is one common tactic for stress coping. Binge drinking and drug use are the two main methods of self-medication according to a study done by Meda, Gueorguieva, Pittman, Rosen, Aslanzadeh, Tennen, & Pearlson (2017). Other ways students deal with stress are leading healthy lifestyles, exercising, and/or utilizing college counseling.

Year Manuscript Completed

Summer 2018

Senior Project Advisor

Dr. Amanda Joyce

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Social Sciences

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