We are taught early in our education that the United States of America was founded by immigrants. The United States is a very diverse country that people of other countries see as a land of opportunity. However, not everyone that enters into our beautiful country enter legally. Many residents of other countries are so desperate to provide a better life of opportunities to their families that they will do anything to make that happen. Even if it means breaking, the immigration laws in place by the United States and enter illegally by crossing the border. Many reasons play a part in the decision to leave their home country. It can be conflict within the country, lack of employment of opportunities and even discrimination. Once an undocumented immigrant is successfully across the border into the United States, they begin to establish their lives by obtaining employment and finding housing. For many of these undocumented immigrants, the employer typically pays cash to the undocumented immigrant and cannot provide any form of healthcare coverage to undocumented immigrant, which then leaves the undocumented immigrant without healthcare when the need for healthcare comes about. When an undocumented immigrant needs to seek healthcare, they face many barriers in seeking that healthcare. This paper will explore the barriers that the undocumented immigrant faces. The paper will look at where they can seek healthcare, the cost of the healthcare to them and the fear the undocumented immigrant faces while seeking out healthcare. The paper will also look at the healthcare provider and the issues that facilities are facing when providing services. The expense and reimbursement to the healthcare provider will be discussed. This paper will review the current situation in healthcare for undocumented immigrants and then will discuss on what can be done by healthcare providers and the United States to ensure that all persons living in our beautiful country can obtain healthcare regardless of the citizenship status.

Year Manuscript Completed

Fall 2019

Senior Project Advisor

G. Michael Barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Health Care Administration

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