The African slave trade in the Antebellum South will be the focus of this paper. First the Colonial time period and the shift from indentured servitude to slavery will be discussed. Next the slave trade practices, including where these people came from, what people were targeted when they were taking them to become slaves, what the journey from Africa to the United States was like, and what the slave sales were like will be examined. There will be information on the various jobs slaves did and what daily life was like as a slave. The paternalistic view on slavery will be explored as well as the different views on slavery at the time. Lastly, the paper will look at the events leading up to slavery abolishment and will touch on what happened after slavery was abolished.

Several resources will be utilized in analyzing this topic. Some examples of resources include journal entries, letters, advertisements, websites, online libraries and referenced resources from the Murray State University library.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2020

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Mr. G. Michael Barton, MBA, SPHR

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Social Sciences

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