Quality of care is always an ever changing standard in healthcare including long-term care facilities. Assisted living facilities, short-term rehabilitation, and nursing home facilities can be classified under long-term care facilities. For the purpose of this paper, the focus will be on the impact of pay for performance pay incentives for nursing home facilities.

Research through previous, outside studies defines quality in regards to the different source standards. Residents and family members have different standards of quality care between themselves. States and federal regulations define their own definitions of quality care. A summary of quality standards is used to understand the expectations.

Nursing home funding doesn’t always create a profit. This paper explores the funding resources for nursing homes. Since staffing wages will be determined by funding, licensure, and certifications, a nursing home has to understand their funding sources and market competition.

A version of pay for performance pay incentive is a pay method used in Medicare reimbursement to hospitals and nursing homes. If we reimbursed our nursing home staff using the same method, how would this affect the nursing home facility? Past studies regarding pay for performance pay incentives will provide necessary data to demonstrate the effects on quality, funding/budgets, and staff response to the pay for performance pay incentives within the nursing home. By applying the data collected, recommendations and a concluding decision will be made regarding the effects of pay for performance pay incentives in the nursing home.

Year Manuscript Completed

Fall 2020

Senior Project Advisor

Mr. G. Michael Barton, MBA, SPHR

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health Care Administration

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