Coal mining in the United States is currently and extremely hot topic and will continue to be for many years. For many years, this industry has been a way of life for many families. That truly represents the state of Indiana. Situated over one of the largest coal basin in the country, Indiana has been a top ten coal producing state for years. While this industry is relied on by millions, it doesn’t come without hazard. The health and safety of the individuals that work in these mines are two factors that have seen immense change since the ounce of coal was recovered. From age requirements to required inspections and coal dust thresholds to enhanced protections, the landscape of this industry is ever changing. A range of protocols have been implemented to manage the effects of the mining process on the surrounding environment. Land reclamation projects in Indiana have seen numerous regional awards, while helping re-establish natural ecosystems to these lands.

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Fall 2020

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George M. Barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Natural Sciences

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