The purpose of this paper is to equip individuals with knowledge of the effects of a vegetarian diet. This paper will provide factual research for a group of individuals willing to investigate how certain dietary choices can provide benefits for current and future generations in all aspects of life. The consumption of a vegetarian diet impacts a person’s health, the environment, the economy, and society. This concept is examined through the idea of nutrition ecology. Exploring concepts related to these four components will provide insight into the food consumption choices that people make while also understanding the effect it may play. Many individuals choose to consume a vegetarian diet for health reasons, such as weight loss, cholesterol issues or diabetes. Other individuals choose to eat a vegetarian diet for animal welfare reasons or environmental issues, such as sustainability concerns. Whatever the decision-making factor may be, the effects of a vegetarian diet possess positive outcomes for the individual, the environment, the economy, and society while maintaining an ecological balance.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2017

Senior Project Advisor

Janine Duncan, PhD

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Human Services

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