This research explores effects of abuse and neglect in children and the significant role it plays on the child and as an adult, a problem we seek to prevent. It looks at defining exactly what child abuse, neglect is as well as specific types of abuse and neglect and the children most likely effected, and what adults will likely be abusers when they become parents. It will also discuss adults that defeat the “cycle”.

The Risk Factors, signs, and symptoms of child abuse and neglect identified in the research and strategies that educators can implement such as parent education programs to improve the quality of life of the child or the entire family. The purpose of this research is to create a guide for persons in education so that they are able to understand how to identify and develop intervention methods for child abuse and neglect.

Child abuse and neglect is a longstanding problem around the world. The types of child abuse and neglect that will be covered and discussed are neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse. We will look at prevention strategies educators can use in school setting to try to improve the quality life of the child and their family.

Educators should have an increased understanding and knowledge of recognizing neglect and abuse because it can be hard to identify and with training, early intervention and education programs, we can aid in prevention. This paper will look at identifying signs and symptoms of child abuse, interventions and/or parent education programs educators can implement to help.

Year Manuscript Completed

Fall 2021

Senior Project Advisor

Scott Douglas

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Educational Studies

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Thesis - Murray State Access only

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