Since the beginning of the United Stated military, women have served their country in one way or another. Even when women were banned from serving, they found ways. Through the years, women have faced and overcome many challenges that the military has exposed them to. Many of these challenges have caused medical issues in both mental and physical areas. Women have had to prove their worth and capabilities and continue to do so today. They have faced sexual harassment, abuse, and rape often to be ignored when they speak out and seek help from leadership. Females have faced many challenges in regard to physical fitness and body composition requirements. The military was designed in a manner to cater to men, even today (over a hundred years later) women are still pushing for uniforms and military gear that will appropriately fit the female body. Committees have advocated for women over the years and have been a big part of why positive changes have been made in order to integrate women into the military properly. The United States military is working towards creating a gender-neutral organization and while those changes are being made, they are happening slowly and will require not only policy changes but leadership support. Women should feel just as safe and respected in the organization as their male coworkers.

Keywords: Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Women, Military

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Spring 2021

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Scott Douglas

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Military Studies

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