The Army organization has and has always had the foundation of physical fitness. Dating back to 1906, fitness has remained a baseline for soldier readiness. The fitness testing has changed and adapted to the status of the Army, the resources, technology, and tactics used. This includes, but is not limited to wartime versus peacetime, draft force into volunteer force, and the complete integration of women into the force. It is apparent that the physical fitness knowledge of society versus the knowledge of military varies based on the time, and this has influenced the overall fitness of Americans. All the fitness tests have led to the current combat fitness test that is newly implemented and is still being changed. Physical readiness in the United States Army depended on the historical context of its time. Furthermore, Army physical readiness reflected American society’s knowledge of health and fitness.

Keywords: Fitness, draft, volunteer-force, Army, peacetime, wartime, test, America, readiness, knowledge, research, history

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Spring 2021

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Mr. Scott Douglas

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Military Studies

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