Organizations large and small produce a product or provide a service for a multitude of reasons. Some may produce clothing apparel while others produce automobiles, yet others provide a service in healthcare. No matter how different the products or services are, there is a common goal of all creditable businesses; to increase profits while reducing waste. Lean Manufacturing sets the groundwork for improving efficiencies throughout all aspects of the organization. From the value stream to the end customer. If designs, processes and technologies are not as lean as allowable within operating parameters, there will be potential waste involved with the product, thus reducing profit margins. Lean manufacturing has led to many valuable breakthroughs in the product and service technologies by focusing on the core processes and personnel involved with each portion throughout the creation of the product. In addition to optimizing production, cultural changes have taken place and quality improvements have been established providing many organizations with a superior work environment and competitive advantage.

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Spring 2021

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Scott Douglas

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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General Studies

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