Standardized Testing Negatively affects Students’, Teachers’, and School Systems Across the Country.


Webster’s dictionary defines a “Standardized Test” as “a test (as of intelligence, achievement, or personality) whose reliability has been established by obtaining an average score of a significantly large number of individuals for use as a standard of comparison” standardized testing in the schools has negative impacts on the way educators teach, the way students learn, and the way that school boards and Education departments across the country plan out what each student in each grade needs to learn before they are able to take whichever standardized test for their specific grade level. Standardized testing negatively affects students’, teachers’, and school systems throughout the United States. The research provided will reflect the negative effects, along with teacher, administrator, and parent interviews. Using a variety of sources, the research that has been provided shows that not only is standardized testing negative, but that our country should find a more beneficial way to judge student progress. Using interviews from subject area experts, Dr. Karen Mackey, Mrs. Lindsey Wells, Mr. Nick Chaykowsky, Mr. Michael Griffin, and Mrs. Maryl Ingram, it helped me not only understand how teachers, advisors, former principals, guidance counselors, and parents truly felt about the standardized testing process, but that it needed to be reformed.

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Fall 2020

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Dr. Scott Douglas

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Educational Studies

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