This paper will focus on ways to improve employee retention in the workplace. Employee retention can have a huge impact on the overall success or failure of an organization. There are many steps that an organization can take to improve its turnover rate. Some of these steps are building a strong culture, improving the recruitment process, developing clear job descriptions, setting expectations, having a successful onboarding and orientation program, paying competitive salaries, providing a good benefits package, offering coaching, training, and mentoring to employees, listening to employees when they offer feedback, ensuring strong leadership, being transparent, giving recognition, fostering a work/life balance, and more.

The process of employee retention should begin before an employee is ever hired. Organizations should work to build a strong culture and good reputation in the community that will make people want to work there. Recruitment for each position is vital to employee retention as well. An accurate job description and clear expectations will help candidates determine whether they are a good fit for the position before applying. This will also help employers match candidates to the position based on skills.

After a candidate is selected and begins employment, the real challenge of retaining that employee begins. Organizations should consider how investing in their employees can impact employee retention and the overall success of the organization and then implement policies and procedures to increase employee engagement and retention.

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