COVID-19 caused many challenges in everyday life as well as in just about every. Industry, but no one could predict what it would do to our public-school systems. Public schools had to change everything from how students got to school to how many students could be put into a single classroom. Those problems did not stop while students were at school. These problems/challenges went home with students, parents, and teachers. Teachers had to learn how to teach from home while students had to learn how to learn at home as well. It will show that teacher left the field of teaching because of technical issues. Parents/Guardians had to learn as well. If their kids were not able to figure out what they had to do. Parents/Guardians had to figure it out to help their kids with their schoolwork. COVID-19 created problems ranging from money, teaching techniques, and time management. You will see how test scores have dropped from before COVID-19 to the scores after COVID-19. Students have struggled to keep up their scores while learning at home. Combined, these problems caused major stress for all. The mental toll that took on everyone but especially the toll that it took on children that lost a care giver.

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Spring 2023

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Casey L Cotton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Educational Studies

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