Police brutality is exemplified by using excessive or unjustifiable force by law enfoand federal governments have been against brutality for a long time and have taken action against it. This study examined the use of excessive force by law enforcement officers. The relationship between historical events and present-day societal issues is undeniable. To shed light on the tense dynamic between black males and law enforcement officials in the United States, it's important to examine how the black population has been treated in the past. Throughout history, people of African descent have often been viewed as hostile and aggressive, which has contributed to a lack of respect from members of other racial groups and perpetuated the notion that they threaten the established social order. Frequently, law enforcement officers are sent to regions where they are unfamiliar with the cultural practices and functional characteristics of the ethnic community in question. Law enforcement officers may likely respond negatively to African-Americans due to their system's inherent biases. Lastly, the evidence establishes a link between the continuation of police brutality and negative health effects.rcement agents. Even though there has never been a suitable description for usage worldwide, the phenomenon has been observed throughout the whole history of law enforcement. From early American slave patrols to the police forces of the twenty-first century, history is filled with instances of law enforcement officials perpetrating individual or collective acts of violence. These incidents disproportionately affect individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds, communities of color, and immigrant communities. People, the media, and local.

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Spring 2023

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george barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Agricultural Studies

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