The Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs in Professional Sports


Elite athletes want to win. Athletes have been defined for their competitive drive for centuries; they want nothing but to be the best at what they do. Historically, athletic feats have been extremely impressive by men and women worldwide. Most of these athletes seek every competitive advantage possible within the rules. However, some athletes are unwilling to work hard or feel they need even more of a competitive edge, so they look for ways around the rules. They cheat. Performance enhancing drugs are the most popular way athletes cheat. Athletes who cheat cause a ripple effect that can be felt through the entire sport. Performance enhancing drugs, are seen everywhere from the medical field, to athletics. These drugs cause many short and long term health benefits and consequences. PEDs have a colorful history of development and use within professional sports. Every sporting organization has the responsibility to protect their respective sports’ integrity through their drug testing policies. Advances in technology allow for new drug testing methods to crack down on widespread use in sports. Athletes have seemingly perfected the art of cheating drug tests, which has created a cat and mouse game between drug testing and its athletes. The moral dilemma placed on an athlete is immense.

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Winter 2022

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