We are living in an ever-changing world. Everything is changing by day and night. Technology is changing right along with everything else. In business, VUCA is the popular acronym used to describe today’s business environment. VUCA and communication are the biggest parts of healthcare.

This paper will focus on how VUCA works in healthcare, how people that do not use technology everyday get the information they need to do their job correctly. How leaders should help those that cannot or do not understand technology get the information that now is filtered down by technology get the information they used to get verbally.

Working with employees that have difficulty using a computer, how do human resources, managers, and leaders get information to them? These employees are missing important information that pertains to them professionally and personally. If we can help them be better informed, they will do better in their work. They will be better employees.

Leaders and managers can help by making sure that information is passed to everyone. Ensure that everyone has the tools needed to get information. Possibly set up sessions teaching employees how to use or find things so that they are not left out.

As a supervisor, seeing both sides of the VUCA. There can be a change made so that everyone stays up to date and is not left behind. Leaders can be helpful and make sure that their employees have what they need.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2022

Senior Project Advisor

George Barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health Care Administration

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