Divorce: How it Not Only Effects Adults but the Children as Well


Today you may be facing lots of problems in the world. It is hard to be parents these day and ages. But the big impact is on the children of the world and what is that impact you may ask, divorce. Just as of today, children from divorced families, which are increasing in numbers, tend to face greater challenges then children who come from a married household. That shows let’s say in their school performances. Grades could drop, they could not be socializing with their circle of friends and could be handing out with the wrong crowds of people. The factors that show how children in divorce families face come in five challenges such as inconsistent custody, lack of the home support, social stigma, unresolved trauma, and socioeconomic factors. There could also be factors of not good dieting because of the new environment and the trauma of raising a child by themselves of being a single father and mother also. Being a child of divorce puts more strain on family and the lives of children everywhere.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2022

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Tricia Jordan, Ph.D.

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Educational Studies

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