Riley Bird


This paper will focus on providing research to support the hypothesis that more understanding of attachment theory could lead to a lower divorce rate. Attachment and attachment theory will be researched and explained. It will discuss how attachment styles affect individuals’ internal working models, how that can manifest in relationships, and how those are affected as a result. The focus will be on how the spousal relationship is affected. It will provide research on how understanding attachment styles can benefit a marriage in ways that counter causes for divorce. Examples of conflicts that often arise in a marriage due to misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of attachment theory will be explained, as well as interventions to equip couples to engage each other with more understanding within these potential conflicts or to prevent them. Ideas for potential avenues to educate couples on attachment theory prior to marriage and within their marriage relationship will also be explored.

Year Manuscript Completed

Fall 2023

Senior Project Advisor

Mr. George Barton

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Human Services

Document Type

Thesis - Murray State Access only