Multiple articles and research has been conducted on immunizations. There are benefits and risks to vaccinations, but the benefits have been shown that they outweigh the risks. Vaccinations have side-effects, but the risk of creating an epidemic is far more risky than getting vaccinations themselves. Vaccinations are considered to be the greatest public health achievements, and a cost effective way to prevent diseases. The concerns for the risk of immunizations has caused there to still a <1% of children to still not be vaccinated. The target goal for the Healthy People 2020 is 90%. New research is being conducted every day to develop new vaccines, and also improve vaccinations that are already given. There is always room for improvement and the benefits, risks, thoughts, and future of immunizations will be discussed throughout this research paper.

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Spring 2017

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Mr. Thomas Hales

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health Care Administration

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