My paper will be about how solar energy has developed over time and what it could look like down the road. It is an alternative to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Right now, there is a shift that is pushing people away from coal and gas and going to renewable sources such as solar, wind, and other renewables instead. It started in the U.S. when the photovoltaic effect was discovered. Which further lead to higher technology which is used today. Since then, there are now tax credits towards solar which can help a buyer be able to purchase solar and eventually save them money on their monthly electricity bills. Solar energy has significantly grown to be more popular over the past couple years.

Solar energy has become popular for its reduction in cost and and its government incentives which make it easier for people to purchase a system as said previously. Such as federal tax credits, state level rebates, and different financial mechanisms. This paper will go over the different incentives along with policies that have helped solar not only be available for businesses but for residential properties as well.

The future for solar energy is bright. The technology moving forward is only going to progress. Along with people becoming more informed on solar and what it can do for their specific unit. This happens with promoting renewable energy sources, learning more about climate change, and being satisfied with change. The government has a major role in solar energy and will come up with new incentives and policies to continue to grow the solar industry.

Technology advancement over the years has put solar where it is today. The new policies that have been made has been a huge factor as well. There is a lot of momentum behind solar energy right now and I don’t expect it to change. With this momentum it has put solar very high on the list for sustaining the environment. Being able to understand the different incentives and the future plans solar energy has is very important for industry participants to contribute to solar as it continues to grow in the U

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Spring 2024

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Dr. George Barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Commerce & Leadership

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