Seniors in rural areas in the United States have many barriers and hurdles to overcome, when attempting to obtain quality medical care. The disadvantages are stark in these communities compared to the metropolitan counterparts. The smaller the community the larger the deficit of accessibility to reputable and dependable health services. Many different sources were examined and consulted to bring about and prove the validity of the issue researched. These include but are not limited to, Journal Articles, Peer Reviews, and Independent Authors Sources. These resources fully examine and provide statistical proof of the very issue researched. There is a need for acknowledgment and reform to better meet the needs of those discussed. Although there have been strides that have been accomplished there is still much more to achieve in the way of positive change concerning accessibility to valid healthcare for elderly rural residents in the United States. A final summary will lead to the conclusion that barriers for these geographic locations have been impacted for the good by reform. It will also bring forth the revelation that progression has been slow over the years. Hurdles to proper healthcare still need the attention of everyone if true lasting improvements are to be made.

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