In this paper, I will be discussing and teaching the proper mechanics and techniques someone would need to know, to master the sport of softball. Throughout the paper the reader will learn the basics and some of the more challenging aspects of softball. They will learn how to hit a ball, how to slap hit, how to run the bases, how to throw a ball, how to pitch and the many different pitches, how to catch, how to field a ground ball, and finally how to field a pop-fly. Within the paper, there are many mechanics and techniques a softball player will need to learn to be able to achieve their goals but there are also a few aspects that contain the physics of softball as well. The physics will teach the player about angles and directions that help more than they would typically think.

Year Manuscript Completed

Summer 2017

Senior Project Advisor

Gregory Gierhart

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Educational Studies

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Thesis - Murray State Access only

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