Exploring the Impact of Classroom and Seating Arrangements on Student Learning Outcome


Careful consideration is warranted for the crucial aspect of how class size influences student interaction and behavior. Across the globe, numerous countries engage in debates regarding the influence of classroom size on educational outcomes. Extensive research has been conducted to explore the relationship between class size and academic success. Debates often center on whether smaller class sizes contribute to more successful comprehension of schoolwork compared to larger classes. Studies consistently show that smaller classes tend to have a more significant positive impact on education. Specifically, educational settings characterized by a student population numbering fewer than 20 individuals are frequently linked to more enriched learning experiences and heightened academic achievements. This underscores the significance of class size as a pivotal factor in molding the broader educational landscape, emphasizing its role in shaping the overall quality of the educational environment.

Year Manuscript Completed

Winter 2023

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Heather Roy

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Agricultural Studies

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