Homework has been a continuous topic in education for many years. There seems to be a cycle of opinions on homework that is continuously changing. More recently, research conducted has proven that homework does not benefit schoolchildren’ academic success. Homework is doing more harm to our schoolchildren than good. Homework is a cause of young adolescents' decline in mental health, physical health, social relationships, as well as family relationships. On the other hand homework assignments additionally have shown to cause more harm for schoolchildren with disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder (ADHD). Through the research conducted, it has been proven that schools who adopt the no-homework policy show better academic success than those who continue to have a homework policy. Research has furthermore shown success in college and career paths have not been affected by the no-homework policies in elementary, middle, and high school.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2024

Senior Project Advisor

Scott Douglas

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Educational Studies

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Thesis - Murray State Access only

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