This paper will explore the process of paper making in the beginning by the Chinese, Arabs moving to Europe, and the beginning of paper production in the states. The paper production in the 13 colonies during the Revolutionary War will be highlighted, as well as, the effects of the Industrial Revolution and its impact on the states. The declining pulp and paper industry will be discussed, as well as, the trickle-down effect and impact on small communities. Graphs and Data will be presented to show mill closures and the impact sustained by small communities and surrounding states. The decline in newsprint, magazines, newspapers and explosion of internet technology are all attributed to the downsizing and reorganization of the paper industry across the United States. Mills are making strategic moves to different grades of paper and experimenting with new types of leadership processes to keep lean in an industry that is being plagued with new technology and innovative competition. Many mills are meeting the demand for corrugated cardboard to stay alive in an ever changing industry. The demand from Amazon, Wal-Mart, Boxed and food grade packaging products is keeping the paper industry in America alive and viable in the 21st Century.

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Summer 2017

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Mr. George Barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Commerce & Leadership

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