For over a century, sports have been a staple in entertaining the citizens of the United States, whether it be someone watching his or her favorite sport or participating in them. Baseball, Basketball, Football, and many other games originated in here in the U.S have gained mass popularity as the decades have gone by. Other games such as Soccer, Tennis, and Golf are popular sports that came to America with immigrants who played them in their former countries. From their unique beginnings, all of these sports have changed and evolved throughout the years, but all have continued to rise in playability, interest, and marketing potential.

Over the course of this piece, I will examine in depth the many different ways that sports have forever shaped and changed our nation, especially in its economic, social, and emotional aspects. Sports have become more than a game, something closer to a phenomenon. We see sports in television, and in fact we have entire television networks that are devoted to covering all things sports on an around-the-clock basis. Many of us have grown up in a world where sports have been a part of our lives to some degree, and we have most likely even participated in them at some point. Many people list some of their inspirational life figures as famous athletes, whether it be Michael Jordan, Muhamad Ali, Joe Montana or anyone else that they have cheered for over the years. Sports have become more and more commercialized since their humble beginnings, and Americans have spent trillions of dollars in order to satisfy all of their sporting needs.

Ticket costs, purchasing equipment, buying television packages, and traveling to see favorite teams are all sources of spending that have come from the pockets of American sports enthusiasts, and these have been sources of money that have turned the sports industry into the global monetary giant that it is today. Finally, some people tie sports into their lives just like others would do with a religion. To millions of people, sports are more than just a game or a hobby, but rather a way of life. Sports have molded the social landscape of this country and have influenced the lives of millions of Americans. Throughout this piece, I will provide insight to all of these aspects and others to show how much sports really mean to this country and its people.

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Summer 2017

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Matt Kelly

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Commerce & Leadership

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