Human Resource Management has been challenged with maximizing production and increasing the bottom line since its introduction to the work place. Various techniques have been utilized over the years, customized to the values and beliefs of the generations making up the work force. Now that we are in recovery from the recession it has become an employee’s market and human resource departments find themselves in what is now being described as a war for talent. During our history, attraction and retention of quality employees has been accomplished by offering a higher wage, better benefits package, or pension plan. Employees were motivated to do well in the hopes of keeping their job for a lifetime and therefore enjoying the retirement benefits provided by their employer. Loyalty to employers was high and it was not uncommon for an individual to spend their entire career with one corporation. Generations of late have seen these opportunities all but disappear. Money is no longer the motivating factor it once was. Work life balance, schedule flexibility, freedom to express ideas, team atmosphere, and personal beliefs meshing with those of the company you work for, have become more important. Individuals want to work in a place whose beliefs and values mirror their own; they want to work for companies that exhibit social responsibility, and have a reputation of operating with fairness and integrity. Companies who are able to establish themselves as a great place to work will have the competitive advantage in the marketplace of the future.

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Fall 2017

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Professor Steve Dublin

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Commerce & Leadership

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