This paper references many studies and articles relating to the stress of being a Police Officer. Being a Police Officer has many positive aspects of the job. I believe it can be considered one of the most fulfilling careers. On the other side there are some very negative aspects of the job as well. Police work involves many high stress situations which affect not only the officers but their family and friends as well. A job alone can be stressful, but police work is considered to be one of the most stressful occupations in America. There are many results from stress caused by police work. Some of these results are; divorce/loneliness, alcohol or drug addiction, and suicide. Besides just these common results of stress there are less subtle ones as well such as; increased work absence, job burnout and dissatisfaction, a weakened immune system, early retirement, increased short and long term illnesses and poor work performance (Anderson et al 2002)

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Fall 2017

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Dr. Paul Lucko

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Human Services

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