In the United States, there are several cities and communities that are still developing. This mainly means that these areas have very little to nothing to offer their youth but a jail sentence and a ticket into the wrong crowd.

This is where sports come in. For many youth, sports are the only thing that keep them in school. This is especially true for impoverished areas and areas of the country with large amounts of underprivileged black youth.

My purpose of this paper is to show the differences between four of some of the most well-known sports played in this country: basketball, football, track, and soccer. Each of these sports has a different turn-around rate. Each sport has a more or less likely chance for the athlete involved to go on to play at the collegiate and professional level. I will explore some of the reasons why the demographics for certain sports are just so. I will also delve into how important of a role these sports, no matter who is playing them, are playing in young people’s lives.

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Spring 2017

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Mr. Raymond Sims

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health & Exercise Studies

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