Location (as identified in document)

Board of Regents Room, Wells Hall

Committee Type

Full Board

Meeting Type


Chairman (as identified in document)

Kerry B. Harvey

Members present (as identified in document)

Mr. C. Dean Akridge, Mr. James O. Butts, Dr. James W. Hammack, Jr., Mr. Kerry B. Harvey, Mr. Willie Kendrick, Mr. Thomas L. Osborne, Mr. Thomas R. Sanders, Mr. Bart Shofield, Mrs. Virginia Strohecker, Dr. Ronald J. Kurth, Mrs. Sandra M. Rogers, Mr. Tom Denton, Dr. James Booth, Mr. Don Kassing, Mr. James Vaughan, Dr. Anita Lawson, Mr. James O. Overby, Mr. Phil Bryan

Time Called to Order (as identified in document)

8-10-1991 12:00 AM

Time Adjourned (as identified in document)

8-10-1991 12:00 AM