Location (as identified in document)

Board Room of Wells Hall

Committee Type

Full Board

Meeting Type


Chairman (as identified in document)

Robert C. Carter

Members present (as identified in document)

Mr. Charles Dean Akridge, Mr. J. Eddie Allen, Dr. James W. Hammack, Jr., Mr. Kerry B. Harvey, Dr. Billy Hurt, Mr. M. Randy Hutchinson, Mr. Willie R. Kendrick, Mr. Thomas R. Sanders, Mrs. Virginia Strohecker, Dr. Kala M. Stroup, Mrs. Sandra M. Rogers, Dr. James Booth, Dr. David W. Perrin, Dr. Augustine Pounds, Dr. Ward B. Zimmerman, Mr. James Overby, Dr. Anita Lawson, Dr. Farouk Umar, Ms. Marie Jones

Time Called to Order (as identified in document)

6-27-1989 12:00 AM

Time Adjourned (as identified in document)

6-27-1989 12:00 AM