Location (as identified in document)

Board of Regents Suite, Third Floor, Wells Hall

Committee Type

Full Board

Meeting Type


Chairman (as identified in document)

Dr. Charles E. Howard

Members present (as identified in document)

Mr. J. W. Carneal, Mr. Terry Clark, Mr. Jere McCuiston, Mr. Bill Morgan, Mrs. Sara Page, Dr. Ed Settle, Mr. Steve West, Mr. Jerry Woodall, Dr. Charles Howard, Mr. Ron Christopher, Dr. Constantine W. Curris, Mrs. Patsy R. Dyer, Dr. Richard C. Gray, Richard Butwell, Marshall Gordon, Frank Julian, Mr. James Overby, Mr. Don Chamberlain, Dr. Rick Stinchfield, Mr. Jim Hall, Mr. Jeff Green, Dr. Ken Purcell

Time Called to Order (as identified in document)

12-13-1980 12:00 AM

Time Adjourned (as identified in document)

12-13-1980 12:00 AM