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Campus Lights 1956

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Production Staff

Bill Bigham (Director),

Bob Hogan (Assistant Director),

Sam Traughber (Chief Copyist),

Homer Pruitte (Assistant),

Mike Croghan (Dialog),

Bill Mann (Stage Manager),

Sam Orr (Assistant),

Gwilla Bennett, Karen Crane (Costume Designers),

Gail Hughes, Roma Satterfield (Assistants),

Hugh Preble (Sets),

Fred Brown, Bob Moeller, Freddie Roberts, Charles Cobb (Assistants),

John Ingram (Lighting),

Jean Heath, Roma Satterfield, Lucinda Janis, David Roberts (Assistants),

Marilyn Means (Makeup),

Jerry Winder (House Manager),

Bill Williams, Perry Dockins (Publicity),

Sharon Houpt (Choreography),

W. J. Robertson (Staging),

Richard Farrell (Faculty Adviser)



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