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Campus Lights 1964

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Production Staff

Terry Trentham (Director),

Larry Wyatt (Assistant Director),

Alex Harvey (Choral Director),

Herbert Adams (Staging),

Alex Harvey, Larry Wyatt, Sam Coryell (Writing),

Rita Anderson (Choreography),

Carol Wolfe (Publicity),

Ralph Hirsbrunner, Ron Keilholtz, Ed Heenan, Donna Alderdice (Staff),

Wesley Hoover (Stage Manager),

Kent Ransdell (Assistant),

Gene Rae Miller, Keila Wakeland (Costumes),

Judy Hodge, Emmie Glass, Doris Bray (Staff),

Joe Overby (Sets Design),

John Matthews (Sets Construction),

Pat Flaherty (Assistant),

Royce Patterson (Chief Copyist),

Phil Cole, Tom Stewart (Assistants),

Jean Ellen Smith (Chief Typist),

Keila Wakeland, Donna Nall (Staff),

Charles Woodward (Lighting),

Sandy James, Jim Holmes (Staff),

Brenda Miller (Makeup),

Joe Stanley (House Manager),

Louis Crawford (Assistant),

Jim Holmes (Sound),

David Lusk (Assistant),

Richard W. Farrell (Faculty Advisor)



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