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Campus Lights 1965

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Production Staff

Larry Wyatt (Director),

John Darnall (Assistant Director),

Sam Coryell, Karen Bryant, Allen Henson (Writing),

Allen Henson (Choral Director),

Jill Burkell (Choreography),

Susie Cooke, Dan McDaniel (Assistants),

Jean Bullard, Diane Marshall (Publicity),

Mitch Rowland, Lee Somers, Robert White (Staff),

Wesley Hoover (Stage Manager),

John Craggs, Roy Dunn, Bill Reynolds (Staff),

Emmie Glass (Costumes),

Judy Hodge, Dew Anna Brumley (Staff),

Bob Carey (Sets Design),

John Matthews, Pat Flaherty (Sets Construction),

Donna Alderdice, David Berry, David Henne, Tom Stewart (Copyists),

Mary Lou Frazier (Typist),

Sandy James (Lighting),

Ted Williams (Assistant),

Danny Steely (Makeup),

Anne Gordon, Jean Morris (Staff),

Joe Stanley (House Manager),

Karen Howard (Staff),

Jim Homes, Jim Cox (Sound),

Richard W. Farrell (Faculty Advisor)



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