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Campus Lights 1992

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Production Staff

Cy Coleman, David Zippel, Richard Adler, Jerry Ross, Rubert Holmes, Stephen Sondheim, Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt, Richard Rodgers, Stephen Sondheim, Robert Wright, George Forrest (Music and Lyrics),

Scott Ferguson, Melvin Bishop, Karen Johnson, Dana Raymer, Dallas Street (Produced by),

Scott Ferguson, Karen Johnson, Dallas Street (Written by),

Alan Emerson, Scott Ferguson, Mike Pote, Tim Smith (Orchestrations),

Ann Marie Bercaw, Wells Woodward (Advertisers),

Ann Marie Bercaw, Dana Raymer (Bookkeepers),

Dana Raymer (Photographer),

Chris Pendley (Stage Manager),

Pat Bray (Faculty Adviser),

Lee Sanders (House Manager),

Jennifer Green (Designer),

Jay Orazine (Lighting),

Jonathan Willis (Sound),

Scott Ferguson (Rehearsal Pianist),

Karen Johnson (Costumes),

Tina Maderos (Choreography),

Alan Emerson (Musical Director),

Susan Taylor (Assistant/choral Director),

Dalla Street (Director)



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