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Campus Lights 1989

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Production Staff

Jeff Holden (Director),

Susan Taylor (Assistant Director),

Jeff Parker, Michael Pote, Gretta Shepard, Lynn Wilhoyte (Board of Producers),

Pam Magan, Melvin Bishop, Scott Ferguson (Writers),

Michael Pote (Band Director),

Phillip Garrett (Chorus Director),

Mollie Morgan (Choreographer),

Natalie Black, Gretta Shepard (Assistants to Choreographer),

Lynn Wilhoyte (Stage Manager),

Tim Scarbrough (Set Design),

Eric Jorden (Set Construction),

Charlie Stone (Sound),

Bruce Peterson (Sound Assistant),

John Grace (Lighting Captain),

Beth Hoover (Makeup Chairman),

Trevor Lambert (House Manager),

Bob White (Costume Design),

Leona Henry (Properties Chairman),

Rhonda Zimmer (Ticket Chairman),

Bob White (Program Chairman),

Dana Raymer (Bookkeeper),

Jim Wright (Faculty Adviser),

Robert S. Pirtle, Jr. (Photographer)



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