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Campus Lights 1986

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Production Staff

Todd E. Hill (Director),

Kathy White (Assistant Director),

Charles N. Proffitt, John M. Jordan, Tracy Leslie, Rick Mozeleski, Melinda Bugg (Board of Producers),

Cam Williams, Dannie Prather, Miki L. Thompson (Writers),

Dean Smith (Band Director),

Todd Dowdy (Chorus Director),

Bethany Holland (Choreographer),

Tina Quire (Theatrical Consultant),

Eric Hall (Stage Manager),

Rick Mozelski (Music Technical Assistant),

Mark Harris (Sound Captain),

Tim Green Rich Edwards (Staff),

Jeff Aboumrad (Lighting Captain),

Tina Quire (Staff),

Jerome Richardson (Properties),

Leigh Draper (Set Design),

Scott Barnett (Set Construction),

Rayla Beth Bridges, Amy Ross (Costuming),

Angie Dwyer (Makeup),

Shari Johnson (Program Design),

Barb Vickery (Ticket Sales),

Jacky Howlett (Bookkeeping),

Mike Pote (House Manager),

David Tuck (Photography),

Charlie Stone (Technical Adviser),

Roger E. Reichmuth (Faculty Adviser)



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