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Campus Lights 1985

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Production Staff

Gray Scaglione, Brad Myatt, Charles Proffitt, Jennifer Cole, Sandy Thomas (Board of Producers),

Ronnie Oliver (Director),

Miki D. Lynn (Assistant Director),

Cam Williams, Mary Lou Fitzgerald, Ronnie Oliver (Writers),

Craig B. Teer (Stage Manager),

Dale Tuggle (Music Tech),

Todd Hill (Band Director),

Greg Varner (Chorus Director),

Larry Drake (Lighting Director),

Sherrie Dailey, Jerry Bowles, Denny Neer, Lee Drake (Staff),

Bethany Holland (Choreography),

Chuck Stribling (Set Design),

Brad Myatt (Sound),

Scott Barnett, Ronald Watkins, Dan Burnham, Denny Neer, Steve Ward, John Gold (Staff),

Jennifer Shaughnessy (Properties),

Miki Lynn (Program),

Larry Brant (Photographer),

Melinda Bugg (House Manager),

Diana Johnson (Makeup),

Dany Prather, JoAnn Hardin, Karen Hester, Barbara Vickery, Mitch Dupree, Robert Desimone (Staff),

Sue Quinn (Costume),

Hope Convoy, Martha Fern, Leslie Sizemore, Susie Goodgine (Staff),

Shari Johnson (Tickets),

Charles Proffitt (Assistant),

Jacky Howlett (Bookkeeper),

Sharon Snowberger (Cover Design),

Roger R. Reichmuth (Faculty Adviser)



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