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Campus Lights 1983

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Production Staff

Dana Scaglione (Board of Producers, Chairman),

Phyllis Love Slaughter (Director),

Tony Powell (Assistant Director),

Kevin White, Mary Ann Roberts, Phyllis Love Slaughter (Writers),

Neil Casey (Stage Manager),

Barb Meyer (Assistant),

Jay Fern (Band Director),

Beth Kenady Pope (Chorus Director),

Angie Deaton (Choreographer),

Brad Myatt (Music Technical Assistant),

Jim Coffey (Set Design),

Gray Scaglione (Lighting),

Larry Drake, Samar Mahfoud, Tim Hall (Staff),

Juliet Jackson (Sound),

Charles Hancock (Properties),

Eric Hall (Assistant),

Chuck Bradley (Program),

Tammy Chesser, Mary Ann Roberts, Tony Powell (Staff),

Greg Crider (Publicity),

Charlotte Creekmur (Assistant),

Moose (Set Construction),

Kelly Siegfried (House Manager),

Rosie Stice (Makeup),

Susan Perry, Tracy Fortsen, Kecia Mowers, Tammy Chesser, Suzanne Bitters (Staff),

Debbie Boekholder (Costume),

Janet Wolfe (Copyist),

Jamie Smith (Tickets),

Craig Teer, Ann Taylor, Jennifer Cole (Staff),

Michael McClure (Bookkeeper),

Chuck Bradley, Craig Teer (Photography),

Roger E. Reichmuth (Faculty Adviser)



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