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Campus Lights 1980

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Production Staff

Greg Bingman (Director),

Wayne Pope (Assistant Director),

Kevin White, Russell Grimes, Dan Boaz, Kevin Hilkey (Writers),

Kenny Welch (Band Director),

Jere Adams (Chorus Director),

Mike Shore (Lighting Director),

Chris Harris, Kris Brady, Johnny Carruthers, Jim Patton, Dave Story, Jerry Castleberry (Staff),

Jan Spann (Choreography Design),

Kevin Hilkey (Staff),

Jon Delgado (Set Design and Construction),

Rebecca Stewart, Randy Herpel, Patty Dorroh, Russell Grimes, Peggy Wallace, Kevin White (Staff),

Robert Felker (Program),

Randy Herpel, Dyan Johnston, Russell Grimes (Staff),

Guy Hall (Sound),

Tom Parker (Staff),

Randy Herpel (House Manager),

Jane Harold (Costumes)

Don McClure (Tickets),

Kathy Metcalf, Carl Trevathan, Barry Bowerman, Randy Herpel (Staff),

Mary Lynn Alexander (Makeup),

Jim Coffey, Tammy Melendez, Kathleen Stockton, Mary Beth Price, Tracye Mickel (Staff),

Carl Trevathan (Publicity),

Monte Carroll, Barry Bowerman, Donna Humphries (Staff),

Bob Fern (Copyist),

Jim Coffey, Craig Cole (Staff),

Greg Aplin (Campus Relations),

Rebecca Stewart (Staff),

Roger E. Reichmuth (Campus Lights Adviser)



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