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Campus Lights 1978

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Production Staff

Bobby Goodman (Director),

Mike Perry (Assistant Director),

Karen Atwood, Bonnie Stockdale, Robert Mason, Pat McCormick (Writing Staff),

Jeff D. Smith (Band Director),

Barbara Coleson (Chorus Director),

Lisabeth Dunman (Lighting Director),

Tony Pile, Cathy Campobello (Staff),

Cyndi Bosley (Choreographer),

Karen Atkins (Business Manager),

Janwin Overstreet, John Taylor (Publicity),

Jane Harold, Jay Holtzhouser, Kathy Lefebvre, Ricky Turner, Donna Humphries (Staff),

Bob Felker (Set Design),

Cathy Goode, Steve Hopkins (Program),

Rob Mason (Sound),

Guy Hall, Kevin Hilkey, Bonnie Stockdale (Staff),

Jon Delgado (Set Construction),

Jay Holtzhouser, Susan Carp, Matt Whitfield, Teri Gorsuch, Cyndi Bosley (Staff),

Vicki Travis, John Young (House Managers),

Julie Skaggs (Costume),

Jane Harold, Terri Miller (Staff),

Patty Smith, Kenny Welch (Tickets),

Mike Shore (Makeup),

Mary Lynn Alexander, Terry Conway, Kevin Hilkey (Staff),

Karen Himmer, Craig Cole (Copyists),

Roger E. Reichmuth (Faculty Adviser)



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